Sierra Leone

On the North side of the Kent Peninsula, where the weather is warm and the swell rolls in fresh from the Atlantic, lies the gem of the Sierra Leone surfing scene, Bureh Beach.

For the international surf-scene, this strip of the African Coast is unspoiled waters. Without the crowded line-ups, this secluded surf community is constantly growing. Unfortunately the nations sporting infrastructure is underdeveloped and needs support. Alongside our sisters and brothers in the Bureh Beach Surf Club and the good people at ANAAI we partnered up for PTS destination number five.

In a first step we delivered around 20 surfboards for the community. In a second step we invited Kabba and Mohamed from the Bureh Beach Surf Club to join our surfboard-repair workshop in Robertsport (Liberia) hosted by Stefan from Kuntiqi.


Their attendance was a full success. Highly motivated they earned skills in reparing surfboards and are bringing their knowledge back with them to the community in Sierra Leone, where they now can take care of repair and mantainance of surfboards.

They were welcomed in Liberia with all the hospitality you can imagine, surfed the waves of their lifes and now have an ongoing exchange with their neighbour- community in Robertsport (Liberia) about development and setting up structures for the surf-club. Each one teach one.

Watch out for the youngest PTS-Destination to catch-up and setting-up a independent and fruitful surfing community in one of the most beautiful areas in west-africa.


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