On the West African Atlantic coast between Mauritania and Guinea Bissau, Senegal is a well-known surfing destination. Especially the region around the capital Dakar is known for world class waves.

Due to the political stability and the long-standing surf culture, there is a large surf community and a growing infrastructure. Nevertheless, it is often priceless, especially for young kids, to get their own board. For the logistic and financial supply, but mostly for the contact to our new partners in Senegal, we are happy about the big support by the Smile`n Wave Foundation.

Surf community 1
Malika Surf-School

So far 45 boards went to Martha and Aziz. Their Malika Surf-School supports local kids who want to learn surfing with courses and material!


Surf community 2
Dakar, Oumar & Cherif

The most famous surfer from Senegal is Oumar Seye, the best surfer from Senegal is Cherif Fall (Senegalese Champion of Surfing and Ambassador of the Smile`n wave Foundation). For the groms from all over Dakar they are a role model and for us the ideal partner to take care of our 20 boards and distribute them further.


Surf community 3
St. Louis, Magatte Max

Surf pioneer Max lives in St. Louis, in North Senegal. He was featured in the film "Beyond, an African Surf Documentary" - equipped only with an old windsurfing board.

With 10 boards we support his enthusiasm to build up a surf and water sports club.


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