Côte d'Ivoire

Ivory Coast is located just in between our other partner-destinations Liberia and Ghana. Often overlooked Ivory Coast has surprisingly good waves to offer. Through our partner „Mr Brights“ in Ghana we got in contact with Souley and had the possibility to find out more about the current situation of surfing in Ivory Coast: There are a lot of surfers in a growing young community around the coast but not enough boards. As one of most influential surfers of the region Souley is now our main partner for PTS-Destination number four.

I am Souleymane Sidibé

I was born in Burkina Faso and I grew up in Côte D Ivoire precisely in Assinie. I started surfing when I was 10 years old. Now I am 25 years so it’s 15 years I have been surfing.

I play an important role in the surf community here because I am one of the most motivated surfers, also I am known as a boy who motivates all the others to surf and be respectful. I am recognized as a professional free surfer because I made a lot of surf trips on the coast to surf and to discover new waves which are never been surfed before.

For me surfing is more than a sport - it’s a lifestyle. Surfing gives a pure feeling of happiness and joy. When I am surfing it permits me to be free in my mind and also to spend time and share good moments with friends. Through surfing you are in contact with nature.

Surfing is not a popular sport here in cote d’Ivoire. Only people who live next to the beach have the opportunity to see surfers and try surfing. Despite all we have surfers all around the beach where there are waves. We have more than hundred locals who are surfing and also a new generation which is coming.

We have two types of waves here which are beach breaks and point breaks. The east coast is dominated by beach breaks: Assinie, Moundoukou, Jacqueville. The west coast is dominated by point breaks: Dagbego, Grand drewin, Baies des sirènes.


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