Gambia is the smallest country on the african continent. Surrounded by the Senegal its center is the River „Gambia“ which dominates the landscape ant the living in the Gambia. With a relatively small strip of coast (around 80 km) the culture of surfing is just evolving now. There are really few surfers and surfing is unknown to the most people as the favorite sports are wrestling and football so far.

One of the few surfers is our partner Ebrahima Gueye. Started surfing a few years ago and as well teaching surfing to other locals he is the center of the surfing-community in the Banjul-area. The partnership with Ebrahima is a special one for PTS: We are proud to support a really young and growing communtity and to whitness the evolvment of surfing for a new generation.

For the future there is a partnership planned with wavesforchange who are planning to open a hub in the Banjul-area. We are proud to work with Ebrahima and looking forward to the next steps. It all just got started in The Gambia!


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