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Where do we ship to?

Where do we ship to?

Where do we ship to?

A surf trip to Liberia by Simon and Chris in 2019 was the birth of Provide the Slide. Excellent waves, so many young people who love surfing and only a handful of scrubbed boards. The two started collecting material from friends and were met with great response. Eventually, they collected a respectable number of good boards via Facebook and Instagram. Logistics and transport were well handled by us, and we put a lot of effort into it. The most difficult questions, however, still has to be answered and continues to occupy all of us at Provide the Slide:

  • Who gets the boards?
  • Where do we deliver the donated equipment?
  • How do we make sure the boards end up where they are needed the most?

We soon realized that we are not experts in the destinations’ culture and local conditions. How can we decide and organize from at home in Europe how the boards will be used and distributed? We solve this dilemma by involving people and organizations we trust and that are an integral part of the local surf community. We are convinced that this is the best way to organize the broadest and most intensive use of the boards. For us it is clear by now: We are very good at collecting surf equipment and organizing the logistics. On site we rely on the expertise and stoke of our partners to make sure that everything is used as much as possible and has a good impact. Surfers support surfers!


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Bern | Schweiz
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Berlin | Deutschland
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