Bordering the Gulf of Guinea, Ghana has a lush, green 539-km coastline (the Gold Coast), which is dotted with old slave forts and castles. There’s a variety of waves with beach breaks, reefs, river mouths, and points to be found along the country’s predominantly southeast-facing coast.

With warm water and consistent albeit mellow waves, it’s one of the more relaxed African countries to surf in. Our main partner for the distribution of the boards in Ghana is Brett "Mr Brights" Davies who runs a surf school based at Big Milly’s Backyard, Kokrobite. Surfing as we know it today is relatively new in Ghana (less than 15 years). However there are records of Ghanaians riding waves dating back to 1640. Busua Beach in the Western region of Ghana was the first surf spot where locals discovered surfing due to an American starting a small surf shop and bringing surfboards to Ghana.

Nowadays there are 6 locations a long the coast with small surfing communities, all of which are destinations for Provide the slide boards to be distributed to. These days the Ghanaian surf community consists of around 60 local surfers from beginner to advanced, and many Ghanaians from Accra are taking to the waves due to having access to surfing lessons.

Surf community 1
Kokrobite, Mr Brights surf shop

Kokrobite is a fishing village close to the main city of Accra (approx 1 hour drive). Kokrobite hosts a beach break, and further down the beach (approx 10 mins walk) has probably one of the best intermediate waves in Ghana with rides up to 220 meters. There are about 15 local surfers in the area some of which have great talent.

Mr Brights surf shop is based right on the beach at Big Millys Backyard.  He offers surfing lessons, surf camps, surf trips and rentals and has also been supporting the local surfers throughout West Africa for the past 12 years with donations of equipment and coaching. Several surf contest have been organised at different locations with the support of Mr Brights and his close connections within the surfing industry.


Surf community 2
Kormantse, Ali Royal Surf Soccer

Kormantse, is a small fishing village in the central region of Ghana. Surfing is very new to the village and with the help of Ali from Ali Royal Surf soccer, he has launch a surf therapy program for the youth of the village. With the help of Ali’s football coaches he is driving hard to bring surfing to the youth of the village.


Surf community 3
Busua, African Surf Star

Busua is a beach resort and fishing village in the Western region of Ghana, about 30 kilometres west of the regional capital of Takoradi. It has a population of around 5000 people and was one of the first areas in Ghana to have a local surfing community. Busua hosts a fun beach break and also one of the best point breaks in Ghana (Black Mamba) Big Ben, aka African surf star, head surf coach at Mr Brights surf school, will be helping with advise for distribution of provide the slide surfboards in Busua. Ben has been working actively with the local youth surfers offering coaching and general surfing advice.


Surf community 4
Katakro, Desmond Arthur

Katakro is a poor fishing village in the Western region of Ghana, with a population of around 250 people. The locals rely heavily on farming and fishing to survive day by day. Katakro host a fun right hand point break with the odd occasional left lining up. Surfing in Katakro for the locals is relatively new.

Katakro has 6 local surfers from the ages of 9 years to 19. Desmond Arthur is one of the senior surfers and is helping the youth to develop their surfing skills. When distributing Provide the Slide boards to Katakro Mr Brights plans to spend some days coaching the locals and teaching them how to repair and look after the equipment.


Surf community 5
Cape 3 Points, Escape 3 Points

Cape 3 Points is another fishing village in the Western region of Ghana. It is the most southern tip of Ghana and geographically the closed land point to the center of the earth. Cape 3 Points hosts a beach break and also fun left and right point breaks. There only a hand full of local surfers in the area at the moment. Evains is one of the senior surfers in the area, and has been introducing surfing to the youth of Cape 3 Points.

One of the only lodges in the area is Escape 3 Points. An Eco lodge owned by Mr Brights good friend Akwasi McLaren.  Akwasi is half Canadian and half Ghanaian and a keen surfer.  Between Akwasi, Evains and Mr Brights they will make sure the boards will come into good use and also offer coaching for the up and coming local youth surfers of Cape 3 Points.


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