On the West African Atlantic coast between Sierra Leone and the Ivory Coast, Liberia is known to many only as a trouble spot. Here surfing is literally still in its infancy. Accordingly, there is hardly any equipment and little infrastructure, but there are world-class waves. After our surf trip in 2019, the friendly, euphoric locals and the perfect point breaks remained in our memories.




36 Boards, 1 Transport

With our partner the "Liberian Surfing Federation", based in Robertsport, we have direct access to alarge local surf community. Here it is clear: Every board finds an overjoyed owner.

Our main contact person on site and representative of the Liberian Surfing Federation is Morris Sheriff.


Chris Klein
Bern | Schweiz
+41 76 69 05 473

Valentin Janda
Berlin | Deutschland
+49 1577 42 10 746