Provide the Slide

Out of the cellar, back to the beach.
We collect surfboards for people who really need them.

Surfboards for a Cause

Surfboards for a Cause

Surfboards for a Cause

The swiss NGO Provide the Slide opens new perspectives for young people on the West African coast with surf equipment. In Switzerland, Germany and Austria, surfboards and equipment that are no longer needed are collected free of charge. Completed and repaired, the equipment goes to partner communities of African surfers where it creates new opportunities and possibilities of making an income.







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Collecting boards

Collecting boards

Collecting boards

Collect and Reuse Boards

There are about 4 million surfers living in Europe. Their surfboards often lie unused in basements and garages. We breathe new life into these boards and combine empowerment with sustainable surfing. Since November 2019, we have been collecting boards and equipment and sending them to partners in West Africa.

Making Inequality Visible, Opening up Perspectives

In addition to good waves, our project also makes donors and followers aware of social inequality. We demonstrate that for us Europeans seemingly worthless things are precious in other regions and create new opportunities. At the same time, we generate attention for Africa as an up-and-coming surf destination.


We have over 25 collection points in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.




Where do we ship to?

A surf trip to Liberia by Simon and Chris in 2019 was the birth of Provide the Slide. Excellent waves, so many young people who love surfing and only a handful of scrubbed boards. Since then we managed to deliver to 7 different destinations: Liberia, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Kap Verden & Sierra Leone (01/2023). Logistics and transport are well handled by us, and we put a lot of effort into it.

What happens on site?

We`re not experts in the destinations’ culture and local conditions. That´s why we involve people and organizations we trust and that are an integral part of the local surf community. We are convinced that this is the best way to organize the broadest and most intensive use of the boards.

For us it is clear by now: We are very good at collecting surf equipment and organizing the logistics. On site we rely on the expertise and stoke of our partners to make sure that everything is used as much as possible and has a good impact. Surfers support surfers!


Our Goals

Our Goals

Our Goals

Make People Surf

Collecting surfboards, repairing, shipping and passing them on to trustworthy hands for free is how we bring surfing enthusiasts who can't afford equipment into the lineup.

Empower African Surf Communities

Surfing is empowerment, because surfing promotes autonomy and self-determination. Those who surf measure themselves against the forces of nature, which is good for self-confidence and trains them to master other challenges in life.
Economic perspectives can grow around surfing: food, accommodation, providing courses, guidance and much more – new local possibilities to make an income arise.

Make Surfing Sustainable

We maximize the lifetime of the donated surfboards until nothing really works anymore. Therefore we finance and organize courses and materials for repairs; this knowledge transfer ensures a maximum duration and intensity of use.

Make African Surfing Visible

Our NGO shows a little known but beautiful side of Africa. With pictures, films and stories of the local surf communities we present with how much style, dedication and enthusiasm people surf and live between Dakar (Senegal) and Accra (Ghana).


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