Cape Verde

570 km west of Senegal, Cap Verde Islands are in a perfect position to receive Atlantic Oceans north and south swells. During a sailing trip 2015 our PTS member Simon spent six weeks on the Northern group of the archipelago. So when Bavarian photographer Christoph Jorda reached out to him, he did not hesitate to start a project, as he knew about the quality of the waves and also about the poor surfing infrastructure.


Our shipping possibilities are very limited to this remote place. Initially we could only send 16 surfboards to Santiago Island. There Christoph has started to provide the material to the local surfers Kabungo and Ayala, in the village called Tarrafal.

Both individuals run a weekly program for girls and boys, not only teaching them about how to surf. But also about environmental awareness, swimming and good manners. Are you traveling to Santiago Island and willing to take some gear with you to support the local surf culture? Please contact us!


Chris Klein
Bern | Schweiz
+41 76 69 05 473

Valentin Janda
Berlin | Deutschland
+49 1577 42 10 746